cycle culture

Upbeat is a not-for-profit company creating cycling events and promoting cycle culture. Our events and projects can be big or small but participation & inclusion is always at the centre.

1. how it works

We create innovative, cost effective cycle events and projects that encourage people to get involved. Any surplus is used to kickstart something new.

Too often people don’t participate because of obstacles they place in their own way. We try to remove these obstacles by creating accessible cycle events, collaborating and partnering with progressive organisations and using a grassroots, community approach. All our projects are cross-community, cost effective, scalable, sustainable and deliver positive social impact.


It all starts with a simple idea for an event or project. This can also address a specific issue within the community.


We gather progressive, positive partners around the idea and see how we can work together to achieve common goals.


We work in partnership to deliver a professional event/project that has a genuine, long lasting impact.

2. current projects

As well as cycling - over the years we've also used walking, arts, music, food, photography, chess - we use everything as a way to get people involved. Many of the events double up as fundraising vehicles.

Here's some of the events/projects we've worked on over the past 5 years. Click on the name for a bit more information.

  • IDEA Event dedicated to walkers • Increase tourism to the area • Cross Community event • Large community fundraising vehicle.
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • Dungannon Council • Armagh Council • UNltd • Charitable sector • Retail Sector
  • IMPACT Largest walking event in NI • 300 walkers each year • Over £70,000 raised for charity.
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  • IDEA A series of events to celebrate and promote all aspects of bike culture.
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • Trade • Bike community
  • IMPACT Increased bike usage •
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  • IDEA Encourage more to cycle • Increase tourism • Positive image for NI • Large community fundraising vehicle.
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • Lough Neagh Partnership • Local Councils • Charity sector • Bike Retail • Volunteers
  • IMPACT Largest cycle event in NI • International Event • 2000 cyclists each year • Over £100,000 raised for charity each year • Incresaed bike sales
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  • IDEA: Increase cycle tourism to 3 counties • Launch Blessingbourne as 'bike destination' • Encourage more to cycle • Cross Border co-operation
  • PARTNERS: The Upbeat Agency • Dungannon Council • Armagh Council • Monaghan Council • Blackwater Regional Partnership • Retail Sector • Volunteers
  • IMPACT: 300 cyclists took part each year • Launch Blessingbourne as an 'activity centre' • Increased tourism to the area.
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  • IDEA A quarterly club for local writers, musicians & performers to perform original/improvised work.
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • Dungannon Council • Artists • Volunteers
  • IMPACT Regular platform for new talent • Collaborative opportunities.
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  • IDEA: Photographic exhibition & book documenting local family business in the face of the Credit Crunch.
  • PARTNERS: The Upbeat Agency • Local Business.
  • IMPACT: Social, historical document • Forge new business/cross community relationships • Publicise local business within the community.
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  • IDEA Bring primary school children from both sides of the community together to learn a game that promotes concentration, strategy, focus and fun.
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • Ulster Chess Union.
  • IMPACT An opportunity to bring primary school children together from both sides of community. Promoting good relations. Teach a children a life enhancing skill.
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  • IDEA To create a car free space in Belfast CIty Centre 4 times a year, encouraging cycling, walking, running etc..
  • PARTNERS The Upbeat Agency • NIGreenways • Belfast City Council • NI Executive
  • IMPACT Encourage more families, children and communities to appreciate the city as a recreational space.
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3. services

We’ve built up a wealth of expertise & experience. We do it all in-house, reducing costs and keeping an eye on the detail.

Want to get a new cycle event off the ground or revamp an existing one? From planning & logistics through to web design, branding and marketing, we’re a one-stop-shop. We can organise anything from small workshops and talks right up to a large scale Sportives. Give us a call if there's something we can help with.


Project management, risk assessments, marketing & budget planning.


Branding, social-media, web & print design, billboards, radio, merchandising.


Event management, ticketing, services management, logistics, CRM, event evaluation.

4. start a project

Have you got an idea for an great project or event but don’t know where to start? Give us a shout!

Lots of good ideas never get off the ground - not because they’re impossible or impractical but simply because it’s hard to know where to start. We’re always looking out for new ideas and positive individuals, groups and organisations to work with. Below are a few organisations we've worked with. We also have volunteering opportunities at all our events.

simply drop us a line